Once Upon A Fantasy

Lately all I’ve been thinking about is things I want to tick of my to do list. There’s a few, I don’t know where to start! But here’s a few

• a threesome with two guys.
I’d love to be treated like a toy, have two guys completely dominate me and tell me what to do. I want them to fuck me and enjoy everything my pussy has to offer. I want to know what it feels like to have every part of my body used. What it would feel like to have two hard cocks being forced into my body at the one time. I want to be on my knees and have two cocks right in my face and watch them cum and be able to lick it all up.

• a threesome with an older married couple
Again, being a toy, in this case I want to tease the husband, I want him to know how good a younger pussy feels around his cock, I want him to fantasize about my while he fucks his wife. I want him to get so turned on as he watches his wife go down on me, as she licks my clit, having all my juices on her tongue. I want his wife and myself to attend to his rock hard cock together, sucking, licking, teasing together. As I suck his balls lightly, teasing him with my tongue she’ll be taking him all the way down her throat while he grabs onto her head, making her gag. I want him to cum so hard and to make us both share it and it lick it all up and sucking his cock clean for him

• a foursome with all bi curious people
I’d love to be one on one with a hot bi sexual girl, I’d love her to be so attracted to me and her begging me to let her taste my pussy. I’d love to make my way down her body, paying attention to every curve. Turning her on, having her dripping wet without even touching her pussy. I’d also love to watch two bi curious guys engage, both new and nervous but willing to try. Watching a guy suck a hard cock for the first time, slowly he’s getting the rhyme going, making the cock sloppy with his spit, the other guy looking down at a male working his cock, turning him on even more. Both enjoying this new experience together

That’s just for starters, I’ll be back for part 2 soon! Lol better get moving if I want to tick some of these off 😉

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